Links to Everything (by Jacques Cuneo)

I have had a few requests of people asking to use the these links, since they are in a nice HTML format. There is no need to get permission. Please, just use them in any non-profit way you want. These links have been compiled to further the ASL hobby. If you use them on your pages you are, in effect, spreading the word about the ASL hobby - which is what these links are for in the first place.

Personal Web Sites
ASL Mailing Lists
'Zine Sites
ASL Club Sites
ASL Tournament Sites
Utility Sites and Files
FTP Sites
Purchasing ASL Products

Personal Web Sites:

John Appel's ASL Site - The original ASL site.
Brian Blad's ASL Site - ASL from out West.
ASL Crossroads - This site - put here for the sake of a complete listing.
Robert Delwood's CG Site - Robert chronicles his large CGs. First Ambleve, now KGPI. Cool stuff.
Nick Edelsten's ASL Page - ASL over in the UK.
Bahadir Erimli's ASL Page - This is one of the best out there.
Klaus Fischer's ASL Page - Klaus has some cool ASL art.
French ASL Web Site - ASL from France.
Carl Fung's ASL Site - Carl has some cool electronic ASL stuff.
David Guitierrez' ASl Site - ASL from Spain
Nigel Hickman's ASL Page - Still in its infancy, but the FOBA rules are great.
Magnus Hindsburger's ASL Site - A new page coming to us from Denmark.
Chris Julius' ASL Site - A new site. Also has some good ASL stories from their Herr Victor games.
Jeff Kimmel's Site - Jeff has some stories and info about the tank rumbles.
Jim Kiraly's ASL Site - Very nice site. Has good general info about ASL.
Aaron Krebs' ASL Site - Contains AARs and also is a Herr Victor home.
Skip Kreitz's ASL Page - Very visually appealing. Highly recommended.
Michel Loos' ASL Page - Michel has a lot of files - including cool looking VASL maps.
Brad Luellen's (Stingerpup's) ASL Site - A new site, worth a good look.
Morten Lundsteen's ASL Pages - Morten has a way cool CG posted. Definitely worth a look.
Mika Maenpaa's ASL Page - A new site from Finland. Have a look.
Jeff Madaelph's ASL Page - This page contains some pretty cool scenarios.
Klas Malstrom's ASL Site - Under construction, but has some cool .ps maps.
Patrik Manlig's ASL Site - ASL from Sweden. Also a nice site.
Dwayne Matheson's ASL Site - A new Site featuring the Q&A in Windows help file format, the Expanded Index, and other goodies.
Paul Messina's ASL Pages - ASL from Panama. Paul has some cool AARs some other things. Very nice.
Dave Perkovich's ASL pages - One of the originals. Very nice.
PTO ASL Site - ASL site concentrating on the Pacific Theatre.
Gord Reid's ASL Site - Nice small personal ASL apge.
Mark Robbon's ASL Site - Mark has lots of TOEs on his site.
Jeff Shield's ASL Site - Jeff designs his own scenarios and has many tactical tips for ASLers.
Marty Snow's ASL Page - Marty's ASL Site, and, more importantly, home to The Tipsy Weasel Brewery.
Terrible Ted's ASL Page - Interesting page by Terrible Ted.
Terje's ASL Page - Nice. Contains the ASL Digest and many Scenarios.
Jesper Theisen's ASL Page - Don't know much about this one, either.
Lars Thuring's ASL Site - Way cool Javafied site. The "ASL Die" is worth a look all by itself.
Tuomoland! - Tom Reppetti's irreverent site(and that's putting it lightly). A must see.
KGP III CG page - ASL Site detailing a large campaign game.
Group Solitaire ASL Page - This page has been ressurected after many requests from avid SASLers.

ASL Mailing Lists:

ASL Mailing List
ASL Mailing List WWW Interface - Read the List on the Web!
AGWAV(A Game With A View) Mailing List
Scenario Design Mailing List
ASL- IRC Mailing List & Message Board
BAASL Mailing List

'Zine Sites:

These are the home pages of all of the ASL Fanzines currently on the Web:

Critical Hit - One of the Best out there.
The General - AH's wargaming Mag.
Multiman Publishing - Formerly the Backblast guys, they're now in charge of ASL game development.
The Rout Report - Now defunct, the final issue(with scenarios) is on the Web.
Schwerpunkt Publications - Cool scenario packs from those guys down in Tampa.
Tactiques - ASL Mag from France. Currently defunct.
Time on Target - Another excellent 'zine concentrating on scenarios.
*Heat of Battle - These guys make very cool stuff. Check 'em out.
View From the Trenches - ASL Newsletter from the UK.
War-Oboe Publications - Producers of the "Monster Pack".
Front Line Productions - Producers of BDF: Parker's Crossroads.
Subscription Info - Patrik Manlig has compiled subscription info on all the fanzines.

ASL Clubs:

Group Solitaire ASL (GSASL)
Arizona ASL Players Association
Paddington Bears(Australian)
Borden(Ca) ASL CLub
Boston Area ASL
Brandon(Ca) Partisans
Calgary ASL Club
Canadian ASL Association
The District's Commissar's House
Twin Cities ASL
Los Angeles ASL Club
Pittsburgh Area ASL
Bay Area ASL League
Forest City ASLers (Ontario)
Eastern PA Gaming Society
NYC Metro Wargamers
Manchester Board Wargamers
Puget Sound ASL Club
Vancouver Gamer's Society
UK ASL Society
Oslo ASL Club
ASL University
Windy City Wargamers(Chicago)
The ASL Club(based in AOL)
M.A.G.E. - Supports ASL. Located in IA and SD.
List of ASL Clubs - A compilation of ASL Clubs.

ASL Tournament Pages:

ASLOK(says it all).
ASL Open Site
Canadian ASL Open - Sept. 25-27! Get the low down here!
Crusaders Open ASL Tournament Ladder
Montreal ASL Festival
Wild West Fest(WWF) Site - Home of the Wild West Fest ASL Tournament.
Winter Offensive - Home of Winter Offensive '98
ASL at Gamefest '98
Neil Steven's Intensive Fire ASL Page - Home to Intensive Fire, a tournament over in the UK.
Toulouse Tourney(French) - ASL Tourney from France
Borden(Ca.) ASL Tourney
Noreaster Tourney
ASL Tournament Information - Bahadir keeps current information on upcoming tournaments.
ASL Tourney Info - Another source of information on ASL tournaments.

Utility Sites:

For information that every ASLer needs:

Avalon Hill Homepage - Says it all.
ASL FAQ Page II (in Australia)
ASL Mailing List - Go here to join the mailing list devoted to ASL.
The Ladder - The Internet ASL Ladder rating system - for us competetive types.
ASL AREA Page - Information, electronic filing, and charts for the AREA rating system.
The Record - Complete listing of all ASL scenarios and their win/loss records.
ROAR(Remote On-line Automated Record) - Automated recordkeeping and statistics on scenarios - very nice.
ASL "Amateur" Products Compendium - A complete collection of non-AH ASL products.
ASL Errata Page- Compilation of all non-AH product errata.
Berlin: Red Vengeance Errata
The Expanded ASL Index - Searchable database of all the rules in the ASLRB. The full text is also available here.
ASL Q&A(full text) - Complete updated ASL questions and answers. For MSword format, click here.
ASL Q&A(indexed) - Very nice indexed compilation of the Q&A.
Worldwide Player Directories:

VASL - Site for conducting ASL games over the Web. Very impressive.
VASL Alternate Maps Page
VASL Documentation - Provides a well written guide to VASL.

Strategic Map Simulator - a graphical PBeM aid.
Solitaire Rules - Solitaire rules for 2 player scenarios.
ASLAP Program - Very nice ASL aide program. Worth checking out.
SALSA SASL Assistant Program - a utility for use with Solitaire ASL.
ASL DYO Assistant - Another useful utility - this one for DYO afficianados.
German WWII Books - This site has many books detailing WWII actions by the Germans.
WWII Links Site - Contains many links to excellent WWII sites.
ASL Storage Labels Page - Interesting free labels...
Plano(tm) Site - The home of the Church of Plano. Many people use these as their counter storage.
Raaco(tm) Site - Much like plano, so I'm told, but sold in Europe.

Utility Files:

SL to ASL - A listing of all SL scenarios and their ASL conversions.
ASL Products - A comprehensive listing of all AH and non-AH ASL products.
Books of WWII - A listing of books dealing with the combat of WWII.
Chronology of War v3.0 - This is a complete listing of all scenarios by date, theatre, etc. Excel, MSWord, and text formats.

More coming soon.

FTP Sites:

Damar ASL Site - The largest and most organized archive.
Digex ASL Site - Another ASL Archive.
Lysator FTP Site - European ASL Archive.
Mirror ASL Site - This site has a lot and appears to as stable than Damar. Access at night or on the weekends is best.
BAASL FTP Site - This one, along with the new archive are probably the best we have right now.
NEW ASL Archive - This one has now become the main archive.


There are many scenarios available on the net in text, Postscript, or PDF formats:

Patrik Manlig has some scenarios at his site.

Jeff Shields has many scenarios, many of his own design. He also has a list of .ps scenarios available at the Damar FTP site.

Terje also has some Scenarios on his site.

Arracourt Mini Campaign Game - Produced by the Paddington Bears, this CG features the US and the Germans near Arracourt, France in 1944.

Where to buy ASL stuff?

Try Boulder Games. They have the best prices that I have found. For an ASL specific price list (NEW!), go here.

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